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2011 Hunting Schedule

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8th - 12th December

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  About boar hunting

Boar hunting - the spectacle

photoWild boar hunting is a spectacle which has its own traditions and rituals.

It involves a team of experienced 'beaters' and hunting dogs. They're not exactly hounds but they sure know their job!

The day commences with instruction on safety. Positions are drawn for as with any other shoot and then it's off to the day's hunting location.

Boar hunting - the quarry

photoWild boar are true survivors and despite the pressures imposed by the modern world on so many wildlife species, the population of this animal has increased across Europe and particularly in Poland.

A number of factors probably account for this. Certainly there has been a decrease in natural predators but changes in agricultural practices and regulated hunting have also been influential.

There is a slight genetic difference between the boar of France & Spain and those in the rest of Europe. Furthermore, the boar of Western Europe are brown in colour whilst those in the East are black.

photoWild boar exist right across Poland where their welfare is managed by hunting clubs. Their populations in suitable habitat tend to be less than 5 animals per square kilometre. In Poland the density is greater and in some areas ten animals per square kilometre have been recorded. This is obviously good news for the hunter!

Wild boar live in family groups known as 'sounders'. These are led by one or two mature females. The large males are solitary and only close in on the 'sounder' during the rut in October and November.