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2011 Hunting Schedule

deer and bison hunting

8th - 12th December

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  Deer & Bison hunting

Deer hunting

photoPoland is truly an up and coming venue for deer hunting.

Red and Roe deer are indigenous to Poland and grow to a good size. Fallow and Sika are introduced species but also figure on the quarry list.

We can provide the opportunity to take any or all these species with a chance of bagging animals of trophy standard.

Why not combine your boar hunting trip with some time spent deer hunting in the same wonderful and tranquil environment?

European bison

photoThis is the largest mammal to be found in Europe and is similar to the North American Wood Bison.

The European bison is a truly magnificent animal with bulls growing as large as six feet tall, nine feet in length and weighing around two thousand pounds.

Bison, which are browsing animals, once roamed forests right across Europe including those in Southern England. Today the range is restricted certain areas of Eastern Europe.

photoThe largest concentration of bison is found in the Bialowieza National Park in Poland. These animals, known as zubr in Polish, have their welfare monitored by the Polish organisation known as 'Operation Zubr'.

Poland Hunting is able to offer a very rare opportunity for the trophy sportsman to take one of these special animals.

We have a small allocation of bulls and cows which can be taken as a result of herd management. This is a unique opportunity.